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Here at Global Warman, we have designed many complex business solutions. What we are most proud of, is an easy to use solution our customers can manage without much help. We offer custom  sites and applications hosted on WordPress, Google Cloud and Azure. But for business websites we always use WIX. Here is why...

This is real data from a client's site. 

"With her dynamic marketing initiatives, Sarah has expanded the reach and engagement of Grant Park Conservancy to an unprecedented level. She is "in-the-cloud" informing the public on developments in the park and motivating them to get involved in Grant Park Conservancy. Sarah has been a tremendous addition to the team."

      - Paul Kulon - VP - Grant Park Conservancy  


What is a Wix Partner?

We are a proud Wix Partner of 7 years. This means I work directly with Wix and their support team to create the website of your dreams.

 While there are many ways to build a website, I find Wix to be the most customizable and easy to use. It also does wonders on mobile.


Other site builders only aim to build a website or store, Wix empowers small to medium business owners to maximize profit and save time. 

Why do we use WIX?

Since your time is precious, I've charted the most important reasons why small to medium business owners should use WIX

vs. other sites like Wordpress or Shopify. 

Many web design companies are glorified payment processing systems that help people drop ship in an instant while charging high payment processing fees.


That hardly covers what it really takes to run a business online. I will save you from having to hear about my conspiracy that Wordpress is just here to make you frustrated and cry at your desk.

I started using WIX over 7 years ago with Grant Park Conservancy. Here's a site made completely free with WIX!


Have a look at our client sites built in WIX

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